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Rosa Tygstrup Greiffenberg




Thorsteinn Vilhjalmsson is a PhD student from the University of Iceland.

He is working on his PhD-project in history called “The conditional inclusion of the model gay cititzen into the nation 1990–2010”. It focuses on how a certain image of the model homosexual Icelander became integrated into the national body from the 1990s on, leading to an ever-increasing sense in Iceland of the country’s status as a queer paradise or utopia. The PhD-project will interrogate this process and consider how nationality intersects with queerness in the late 20th and early 21st century.

At the Centre for Gender, Sexuality and Difference, Thorsteinn aims to become acquainted with current cutting-edge research in the field and gain a comparative perspective with similar research in Denmark and further abroad.




Nico Miskow Friborg (they/them) is a trans organiser and PhD candidate with the Centre for Gender Studies at the University of Stavanger.

Nico’s PhD project is grounded in their commitments and accountability to the queer and trans coalitions from where and with whom they engage in research. Their PhD project draws on collaborative approaches to research and ethnography, autoethnography, counter-archiving and a trickle-up approach to knowledge-creation.

Their PhD project traces the emergence of trans for trans organising in a Danish context and explores the creation of trans for trans spaces, the cultivation of trans knowledge and care practices, the complexities and tensions in the pursuits of trans rights, organising against trans necropolitics as well as trans labour in and engagements with anarchist, punk, queer and feminist spaces.

During their stay with us Nico will be working on a chapter for their dissertation which explores trans analyses of and resistances to the Danish border regime, trans necropolitics, Danish exceptionalism and white cis saviourism, and follows examples of trans organising that centers the survival and well-being of Black trans women and trans women of colour.